What are GRAVATARS? Globally Recognised Avatars which are used worldwide by millions of internet users in blogs and websites. They are your own thumbnails that shows up as your online identity in blogs and websites that are gravatar enabled. BlueChampions has just become gravatar compliant.

Here is a simple guide to get your own gravatar.

  1. Just visit and type in your email address.
  2. After confirmation, just upload any picture to the gravatar site
  3. Adjust to the gravatar size and submit.
  4. Then click on the image so that it appears in the boxed area above.
  5. Clear the cookies/cache in your browser. That’s it.

After you submit, it should look like below. General mistake is that after uploading the image, people may not click and select it to make it display next to your email address as shown below. For those who are not able to see their gravatar should try this now.


Whenever you post your comment in BlueChampions or in any site that is gravatar-enabled, you’ll see your thumbnail popping up next to your comments. For a demo, see my comment below. Give a face to your nick name. It’s fun to see your thumbnail next to your post right? Just try it out.