VJKRGNVijayakrishna. 36 years old. Chartered Accoutant by education. Banker by profession. Writer by passion. Dreams of taking up writing and publishing as a profession, hopefully in this life. Doesn’t live in London and doesn’t hold a season ticket at Stamford Bridge. Doesn’t travel hundreds of miles for the away games. Still a massive Chelsea fan whose moodwsings can be directly correlated to Chelsea’s performances and results. You can read here on how he became a Chelsea fan.

Doesn’t clearly remember why exactly he started this blog. A simpler deduction would be that he loves writing, he loves the internet, he loves Chelsea, he loves football and he started a blog. The blog has grown leaps and bounds since, thanks to all the support from the Chelsea fans.

His blogging style is very conversational. No prose and poetry types despite hailing from a family of poets and writers. His style is based on simple story-telling techniques and thinks he writes like a football fan than like a media correspondent. He’s neither a pundit nor an anlayst. He doesn’t even have great memory when it comes to football (and the birthdays, anniversaries and the likes) or the knowledge of history. But hey, isn’t everyone a pundit when it comes to football. Count him in then. He’s blatantly biased towards the things he’s known to be biased. Expect no pretensions of balanced views and neutral opinions. Very opinionated. Modesty and humility are not his hallmarks.

BlueChampion is a blogger also on the official Chelsea website. One of his proudest days was when while writing a blog on the official website, he had to choose his name from the author drop down and there he finds blokes like Michael Essien and Juan Mata right next to his name. But this blog or the blogger is in no way affiliated to the Chelsea Football Club. His views and opinions remain his own. He doesn’t get paid by anyone to write in anyway. If he did, he would no longer be a banker.

English is not his first language. Indian by birth and lives in Kuala Lumpur. Married with two kids – a daughter and a son. Until recently he didn’t know how he managed a demanding job, a demanding family and a demanding passion. He just figured that out as he completed his full medical check up. Long he may live to keep the blue flag flying high!

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BC Profile PicMatt Clark. A 19 year old English student of Accounting, Corporate Finance, Economics and Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, England. Pretty much your stereotypical self-important, insular Uni student shopping around for political and philosophical views to hold. With any luck I’ll be able to write a far more coherent bio in a couple years time.

Obsessions with writers, musicians and actors have always come and gone but my enjoyment for commentating on and debating matters of world football has only grown stronger. Four things have always remained constant with me – an obsession with football, an intense passion for writing, the immense gratification that comes from winning an argument and a hatred of tolerance. If you ever strongly disagree with what I write, then please – say so, explain why and we’ll have a nice chat.

BlueChampion explains lyrically how Chelsea ‘chose’ him but with me I admit it was the other way around. My love of football pre-dated my love of Chelsea FC considerably and for a long time I’d only follow certain players.  Francesco Totti, Luis Figo and Juan Roman Riquelme in particular were three of my biggest boyhood heroes.

I only decided to follow a specific team when my enthusiasm for the sport was beginning to die around 2006 and the choice was made solely on the very simple basis that Chelsea had more players that I liked than any other team in the Premiership. I’d say the process of going from an interested follower, to a keen admirer to a die-hard fan took around 2 months. The rest is history.

The best thing about being English in my opinion is our Language. For me, writing isn’t something I enjoy doing or simply want to do; it’s something I have to do and something with which I could not do without and constantly have to be improving, otherwise I don’t see the point in forming opinions or having ideas at all.

I found the BlueChampions blog in 2009 and it was immediately apparent that this was a site that existed firstly and fore mostly out of desire, not to make money or even to interact with like-minded people, but to write and share original ideas. As a contributor, that’s the one impression of the website I’ve always tried hardest to maintain.

Having said that, BlueChampion and I are entirely different writers, in terms of tone and structure. My writing heroes are the great essayists and polemicists like Orwell, Auden, Elit and Poe. My most recent fascination is with the works of polemicists from the New Atheist movement like Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. I try to write all of my articles (as I believe these men did) as though they were addressed to a specific individual with a directly opposite view point to mine. For me, terseness, precision, persuasiveness and a demonstrable understanding of irony are what characterises a really good piece of writing. Here’s hoping I get to write 100s more for this brilliant blog. KTBFFH!