Nothing seems to change. Despite all the changes that Chelsea have tried out, nothing seems to change. So I’ve changed the blog theme. If we still get beat, at least you can’t blame it on me.

Seriously, it’s a bad bad season. There was a point in September, I was seriously concerned and worried. Not anymore. The tension is only when you’re 0-1 and you’ve got 10 mins left. When you’re 0-4 down, you’re thinking about the next game already. That’s what I’m doing now. I’ve written off this season. When you have the privilege of having several great seasons, you should take one stinker every now and then. I’m guessing we should finish top half somehow. For me, there are only four spots in the league – champions, champions league spots, other spots and relegation. So basically what I mean is I don’t care whether we finish 5th or 15th.

Many talk about not being able to attract talent when you’re not in champions league. To cite Liverpool’s example is wrong. They have been poor in all competitions and very consistent at that. Whereas Chelsea have had a very successful decade, still has a powerful squad, the best manager in the world, passionate Football-loving owner and a superb stadium in London. And, Chelsea will be willing to invest this summer. And, things will be different.

We can talk about what went wrong. We can analyse everything ad nauseum. But I don’t think any of us will ever get closer to the truth. I don’t know about you but I’d wait for the next edition of the Jose’s autobiography.

Meanwhile, let’s start thinking about the next season. And by the way, football is NOT a matter of life and death. So, cheer up. But if it is, you’re very privileged, just chill out.

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