Overall, for Chelsea, the first half of 2013/14 was a 6.5/10. With new players to be integrated, new manager for many of those players, under performing strikers, ageing talismen and an extremely competitive league, Chelsea have done well to stay two points off the top spot. Knowing how the league table has been fluctuating, it won’t take too much time for a team drop a few places in a couple of weeks.

Some more consistency and ruthlessness, this would be the new Chelsea machine that’s not only hard to beat but also hard to stop from winning. Here’s hoping Chelsea end the season with a 9/10 and you know what I mean by that.

Please do agree or disagree with our ratings. Share your intelligent views and constructive criticisms in the comments section. ‘You know fuck all about football’ doesn’t count as a constructive criticism.

And finally, wish you all a very happy new year! May this year bring titles, trophies and medals for Chelsea FC and a new goalscoring striker too!

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