The new Jose Mourinho is supposed to be all about modesty, humility, maturity, ethics and happiness. I’ve always known that’s not the real Mourinho. No matter how much he tries to put on this new mask now, sometimes the real mischievous troll in him cannot be contained. Look at this video where Mourinho talks about the Willian coup. This is vintage Mourinho.

That mischievous nod from Jose after the journo asked ‘has Willian chosen Chelsea’ was classic. Would make it to the Jose Mourinho media conference archives. And the way he finished conference was so cheeky. What an annoying bastard he must be for the rival fans/teams.

Jose said that either the medicals should be done in secret or after signing the contract (referring to Spurs). When asked about the status he laughed and said, “we have to do a medical”. So chances are the contract between Chelsea and Willian is done or almost done and the announcement is pending probably only for the medical.

Many Chelsea fans particularly loved the way we have gone about the Willian transfer. I absolutely lovvved it. Rumours says Willian completed his medical at Spurs on Wednesday and were to be announced as a Spurs player at 6pm on Thursday. Roman is reported to have personally called Anzhi’s owner to agree on Willian’s deal. That Thursday afternoon, Willian seems to have a got a phone call from Chelsea on their interest in him. Willian was in no dilemma whatsoever. There was only one club on his mind then: Chelsea.

Spurs fans, Daniel Levy and AVB must all be livid. They thought they had got their man. Willian for them, is an extremely important missing piece of their post-Bale puzzle. Roman thought probably this is the right time to say ‘thank you’ for Levy’s support during Modric’s failed transfer to Chelsea. There was nothing illegal about Chelsea’s approach here. Chelsea spoke to the club and made an offer. Anzhi accepted an offer and allowed Chelsea to speak to the player. Jose spoke to the player and the player seems to have agreed to join Chelsea.

Willian has been a Chelsea target for a few seasons now. This summer though, Liverpool were close to signing him. Spurs snatched him from Liverpool. And Chelsea sneaked in and sealed it in stoppage time. Not sure what were the odds for a late coup by Chelsea. Could have checked Unibet.

Willian comes at more than £30m. I think Willian is top quality. He’s only 25 years old. Learnt football with Corinthians. For a Brazilian, he has done really well in Russia. Not that he was the only Brazilian to succeed there. At least he wasn’t the only Brazilian to have failed in Russia. He’s very experienced and established. Sometimes players like Willian don’t get the deserved appreciation in a top European league. To put it in perspective, he’s got more experience at a high level than a Hazard or an Oscar.

‘Do Chelsea need him’ is the big question. Spurs fans certainly believe that we snatched Willian only to deny Spurs from strengthening. That’s Spurs fans thinking we are rivals. Even some Chelsea fans think the Willian transfer is unnecessary.

For the formation and style we play, we need three attacking midfielders on the pitch. And that means we need probably six attacking midfielders in the 22-man squad. Now we have Oscar, Mata, Hazard, KdB, Schurrle & Moses. That’s six attacking midfielders or wide midfielders. So if Willian comes in, one needs to go out. It’s clear that Moses will go on a loan. What Willian could also bring is some versatility. In our current bunch of attacking midfielders can actually play as a winger if there’s a need. Willian can play anywhere behind the striker and can also play in either wings as a proper winger.

Some also seem to think that Willian will warm the bench at Chelsea. I don’t think so. I think Willian will start more games than KdB or Schurrle. While I said Moses might go on loan, there’s also a possibility that Moses stays where Schurrle becomes a striker option and we sell/loan Demba Ba.

There were times in the last season I felt the trio of Mata, Hazard and Oscar were starting to fall for fatigue and even otherwise there was some kind of predictability around how the three played. Teams were starting to read and understand how the three operated and we were running the risk being found out. The problem then was that if you were to sub or rest one of them, there was a considerable drop in quality. With Willian, not only have a player of high quality but also someone who has a different style to our set of midfielders.

I usually get excited about every single Chelsea signing. Whether he’s a good player or not, whether we need him or not, whether he’s reasonably priced or not – I’m always excited by the new signings. Willian is a player I have a lot of time for. He’s a very good player and I think we need him and he comes at a good price. So, I have a right to be super-excited. Is he a Chelsea player yet? Well, as Jose Mourinho said, “we still have to do a medical”!