The football season should begin only after the transfer window is shut. Or the transfer window should be shut before the football season begins. The whole football world seems to agree on this point and I haven’t heard one argument in favour of keeping the window open even after the season opens. Of course there are matters to consider such as the different football calendars across Europe but still they are constraints to overcome rather than something that should define the model.

If you want only one reason why transfer window should be closed before the season begins, here it is – I can’t write a freaking season preview/prediction before the season begins! There’s still so much that can happen between now and the close of the window. The right time for a season preview is first week of September, after 2-3 three games are played by each team. How odd does it sound?

What could change for Chelsea between now and the first week of September? Quite hard to tell. Jose Mourinho has been an enigma in this window. You’re not quite sure who he wants to unload and who are all he’s after. Of course apart from Rooney.


Now Man Utd have finally started playing hard. If I were them I’d have done this after the first bid. I wonder why they would wait until few weeks after the second bid to take this stance. Quite odd, if you ask me, for them to say they’d keep the player even if he wants to leave. This is not a good ploy with players of Rooney’s calibre. You don’t let your top dogs rot in the bench or in the reserves. If this is the fate for someone who’s been a great servant for 9 years, not sure if this sends out the right signals to the talent that Moyes is already struggling to attract.

RvPRooneyMan Utd quite clearly don’t want to strengthen Mourinho’s Chelsea. If Rooney were to move from Man Utd to Chelsea now, this would be like handing over the initiative straightaway and conceding the advantage to Chelsea even before the season could begin. I don’t think this story is over. I think there’s still a twist in the tale. Rooney will have to submit a formal transfer request and make the position untenable for Man Utd to keep him. There will be fan pressure and hate towards Rooney which will also make it very difficult for Man Utd to keep him. Until and unless Rooney comes out and says that he’s happy to continue at Man Utd (like he did in 2010), I wouldn’t call this over.

Meanwhile, the summer sale is on at Anzhi Makachkala. They’re coming crashing down to earth. Samuel Eto is rumoured to be keen to play under Jose again. Jose has welcomed the interest. Eto will only cost £5m. And he’s happy to take a pay cut to play under Jose at Chelsea. He’s 32. Samuel Eto is a legendary striker. I have a lot of time for Eto. He was one of those players I always wanted at Chelsea. I know Jose tried to get him for Chelsea when Eto was at Barca. I’m still a fan of Eto. I would have an Eto on the bench over a Demba Ba. Anyday. And, of course, the Man Utd interest in Eto is a joke. They absolutely don’t mean it. All they want is for us to get the deal done quickly and move away from Rooney. If I were Jose, I’d give a call to Eto to agree terms and publicly call Man Utd’s bluff. And say that we have space for both Rooney and Eto at Chelsea. This is even a bit amateurish from Man Utd. How about a strike force of Lukaku, Rooney, Eto and Torres?

The David Luiz rumour has been making rounds for some time now. Jose has categorically stated that Luiz is a very important player and he won’t be sold. I love the way he told Barca ‘you’re wasting time and you should start looking at the no.2 player on your list’. That’s the way to shut it. The sceptic fuck that I am, David Luiz’ silence still bothers me. I would so like him to play along with Jose’ comments. A tweet like ‘Hey geezers! Ignore the rumours, I’m Chelsea and I will be. Love you.’ would do. But I understand that his agent won’t want him to be so clear and direct because this approach from Barca is a great opportunity for a contract revision or even a proposal for a contract revision.

This is not a story like Rooney or Suarez or Bale. Rooney is second choice. Suarez and Bale don’t get to play champions league. David Luiz is top choice, fans’ favourite and for many the future Chelsea captain and he won the champions league with Chelsea. Anyway, I don’t see Jose Mourinho selling a top Chelsea player to Barca. Not happening.

Just a couple of days to go for the premier league kick off. I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is the premier league kick off I’ve been waiting for. The return of Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge. You should read Matt’s preview of our opening game here. Let’s start with a bang!

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