Gareth Bale going for over £100m? Then I must go for at least £10m. Really, there’s no way Bale is a £100m player. In fact I’d put him at £30-40m. When Ronaldo went for £80m, he was much more established a player and he was a great brand that would draw the crowds, increase the television viewing and sale of shirts. Gareth Bale is not that. Bale doesn’t have the personality of Ronaldo to get anything outside football going for him.

He’s had one great season but has the potential to turn in more such seasons. Plus, a Portuguese going to England and succeeding and coming to Spain is very different from a Welshman going to Spain. Even a £40m bid is a big gamble. I see that Real Madrid are desperate to make a big signing, given Barcelona have now got Neymar. There’s also a suggestion that if Madrid get Bale, Ronaldo’s contract will not be renewed. I don’t see it that way. I think Ronaldo will continue in Real Madrid for a long time. That’s his pinnacle.

The one thing I’ll give Bale is, he’s a proper match winner. He can single handedly win a game. No matter what the situation is, no matter how well his team mates are playing or supporting, he seems to have this strong mentality to believe that he can win matches by himself and he does. Still any bid over £40m for Bale is a joke or a gamble or both. The other reason why I don’t want this to be a big money transfer is, Spurs are gonna be left with a pile of cash that they can use and you don’t want anything good to happen for Spurs. Knowing Levy, he might drag this until the last hour and will leave no time to use the cash and lock it up in the safe.

If Real Madrid are offering Coentrao and Di Maria play cash for Bale, Spurs are crazy not to accept that. It’s Chelsea offering Mata or Luiz plus cash for Rooney. Honestly, the combined value Di Maria and Coentrao will be more than that of Bale. Spurs’ reluctance to let Bale go would have also come from Arsenal’s attempt to sign Suarez. If Arsenal get Suarez and Spurs to lose Bale, Spurs are not finishing in the top four. Period.

I’m kinda certain that Bale will leave in this window. Real Madrid does what they normally do when chasing a player. You see their camp using the media to its fullest effect (‘lifetime opportunity to play for the biggest club in the world’, ‘born to play for Real Madrid’). That’s why I’m quite certain they will somehow get their man, no matter what the price is. Florentino Perez even came and said ‘quality players cost money and that’s normal’. Not the kind the thing you would say while you’re still negotiating a big money transfer. That’s Real Madrid for you.

For the benefit of both Bale and Spurs, this transfer should happen in this window. If Bale stays at Spurs and for some reason this season doesn’t go by the Bale’s script, next summer, Bale won’t fetch this crazy money or Real Madrid may not want him anymore. This summer is the best chance for Gareth Bale and Tottenham. I think they will take it to the last hour but the transfer will happen for about £70m. That’s my guess.

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