See I’m not a Pep hater. I think he’s a very good manager, though not in the league of Mourinho. I’ve always said that unless I see him being successful in a totally different challenge, I wouldn’t put him alongside the real greats. Having said that, I was disappointed in him that he took the Bayern job – probably the easiest job available at that level. By winning everything on sight by breaking every record, Jupp Heynckes then made sure that this would be a massive challenge for Pep. I’m not confident of Pep taking Bayern further. After a couple of years, you can come back and tell me I’m wrong. I think I also have a decent ‘I told you so’ chance.

I quite like Dortmund and Klopp. I have never been a fan of Bayern. And they wear red. I’m firmly behind Dortmund and Klopp in delivering an unprecedented knock out blow on Guardiola’s Bayern. I know Bayern have the strongest squad in Europe and they also weaken their only decent contender – Dortmund. It’s going to be hard not to win. It’s going to be really hard for Bayern to lose, than it is to win.

This season, the pressure is not going to be so much on Mourinho – thanks to managers like Guardiola, Moyes, Pellegrini who have moved into a new zone. The media bandwidth is going to be used up by all these managers. From purely a Chelsea point of view, I’d be glad if these guys take focus off Chelsea. I have a feeling Guardiola will. Will the move by Guardiola to Bayern go down as a mistake?

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