I have literally almost no free time to blog at the moment but wanted to write something briefly about out Semi-final defeat to City, namely two things I think aren’t being said often or loudly enough from the Chelsea camp…


So far it seems we’ve all tried our hardest to see the worst and emphasise all the negatives from Sunday – even the players, for the first time this season, sounded to be expressing genuine shame about their performance, admitting they were “scared” of City as the match kicked off. Obviously, as a fan of a club like Chelsea, you want defeats to bother your players/offend them professionally, but I think you also want to see them visibly deal with these setbacks, take them on the chin and look to move on quickly having learnt from their mistakes. This defeat feels like it’s being allowed to drag.

There’s no point trying to deny or twist the facts around to hide from the reality that City are simply a better team us at the moment. They beat us for quality in most, if not all areas on the pitch, they have superior strength in depth and they honestly deserved to win (as they have the last five times we’ve played them). Two points however I think need to be made and reflected upon more seriously by Chelsea fans than they have been so far:


1)      To a lesser extent, whilst City deserved their win, there is an incredibly high possibility they wouldn’t have won had two terrible fouls in the final 10 minutes been correctly punished. For Sergio Aguero to escape punishment for that diabolical stamp on David Luiz is a disgrace – he could’ve so easily torn a muscle and put the Brazilian out for the rest of the season. Already however he’s paid a price in that millions of football fans now think a lot less of him as a person. Make no mistake, this wasn’t a hot headed loose kick out but a serious considered piece of sadism that the FA should be embarrassed to have shunned so easily – even an MMA fighter would’ve been disqualified. The second decision obviously was Kompany’s foul on Torres in the penalty area later on. The nerve he showed after the game to tell a reporter he just got his “body in the way” after almost pulling Torres’ shirt over his head was amazing. For Mancini to stand vacant and moronically mumble it was a foul for City on live television was almost as befuddling. For a coach so obviously as sharp and intelligent as Roberto Mancini he does a great job of making it seem he has an IQ of 40 in his press conferences. For their superiority over every team in the country, City I think have the potential to be extremely cynical and cowardly when their backs are against the wall.

2)      Far more importantly we have to consider the following when comparing ourselves to City. Our best players are young – they’re still finding their feet and learning their positions. We have significantly more and better U21 talent developing at rapid pace. We’re dealing with the loss and disintegration from the side, of long standing key players and leaders. In short, our potential to improve long and short term so greatly eclipses what City can realistically hope for, I think we have good reason to be optimistic and proud of our fight-back last Sunday, given all the disadvantages I think hardly need outlining once more.


Chins up comrades & KTBFFH


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