When this season slowly fell into the usual Chelsea routine of good start, poor slump and a sack – I can’t help but think our premier league title chances are over. You need lot more stability and consistency to win a league title and those were the exact two things we are gonna be missing.

I knew our best chances of a silverware are going to be the domestic cups. Having reached the semi finals to see the other three teams were Swansea, Aston Villa and Bradford City, you’ll be the worst of pessimists not to be excited about a possibility of a trophy.

First leg at home wasn’t a disadvantage per se in domestic cups as much as in champions league. If Chelsea had played like a proper home team and champions of europe, this second leg would have been a formality.

Now the task on hand is simple. I like such situations. It’s like cricket where you are batting second and you exactly what would get you a win and that means the way you approach the game will be very focused and purposeful.

Just a quick recap of the rule. The winner is determined by the aggregate goals. If at the end of the full time of the second leg, if the aggregates are equal (a 2-0 score or even a 3-1 score for Chelsea), an extra time of 30 minutes is played. If even at the end of the extra time the aggregates are equal, the team that scored more away goals will win. If even the away goals are tied (for instance, it stays 2-0 to Chelsea at the end of extra time), then penalties will decide.

Chelsea’s task is simple get a win with a two goal margin for starters. Many would point out the great second leg come backs by Chelsea like the inns against Barca in 2005 and the one against Napoli in 2012 but in those cases, the second leg was at Stamford Bridge and that made a big difference. Now this second leg is away at Wales.

Given how our home and away forms have swapped, probably it’s a blessing in disguise to be able to play the second leg at Swansea. I have more faith in the travelling fans in being the twelfth man for Chelsea than the home fans. Also playing at home, you would expect Swansea not to sit back as much as they did at Stamford Bridge. So it’s not that bad to be playing leg at Wales. If they play for a scoreless draw, it’s going to be dangerous for them.

I’m confident of Chelsea progressing to the final. All that we need is a comfortable win against Swansea at Wales. If we don’t manage this in this crunch situation probably we don’t deserve to win this cup too. I have this sick prediction that we would win 3-0 in full time. Yes, a 3-0 win for Chelsea.

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