The tickets to see Chelsea live are always in high demand. That’s no surprise given the talent that’s on display at Stamford Bridge. And it has been reported that more talent is coming in Chelsea’s way. Lucas Digne, the Lille full back, is now more prominently being talked in connection with not only Chelsea but also Manchester United, their rival in the Premier league.

The reports coming from France by the end of last year’s season had revealed the fact that both the teams Chelsea and Manchester United are observing the activities of Digne who had played at various levels of amateur games of Under-16, 17, 18, and 19 representing France. They want him for the coming Premier League tournament to be played in Manchester city.

This, much in demand, 19 years old guy is also reported to be in the wanted list of Liverpool club as he had signed a fresh contract last year to remain with the club till 2016, which was signed at Grand Stade de Lille.

Manchester United is reported to make efforts signing this teenager player as per the reports submitted by Mercato365 even though the chances of getting him this season are the least and can not be fulfilled before next summer. According to the contract with Lille he can not quit to play for the club in the current season.

Though Digne had expressed his views that he was grateful for the interest shown in him by different teams to play with them but he further persisted that in no case he was leaving the Lille team at this moment. Digne further told L’Equipe, his friend and co-player that though it nice that people went on noticing him but Lille is nearer to his heart and he would not leave it in any condition at this point of time.

He said that he was bound by the contract upto 2016 and can not leave the club in any condition. He has not problem in remaining with the present setup then why should he move to others. He was getting all the facilities here and can not take the risk of changing the team as it can be dangerous for him to leave them at this early stage.

Digne further commented that as per his personal point of view he listen to many stories in this regard daily that someone else is interested in him but he has to prove his potential in every match played by him. No one is taking it for granted that Digne is a good player and his presence will automatically let them win the game. He has to play his level best to prove his standard.

According to Digne players usually prove their potential in their youth time but vanish out from the canvass of games afterwards for this very reason. They moved to other rival teams before completing their contract with the existing team and if they could not prove their standard with the other team then they were kicked out by the other team and vanished from the sports world. He further submitted that his experience football live does not allow him to move on to some other team at this crucial time. With Eden Hazard coming from Lille and Kalou being there at Lille, it should not be a hard decision for Digne and you can bet your house on Hazard and Kalou to ‘help’ Digne with his decision. One to wait and watch.