Here we go! A dedicated post to discuss just the transfer gossip. With the winter transfer window being open, we inevitably end up talking about transfer gossip in every single post and its comment section. So just created this post to bring all the transfer gossip in one place. Confirmed transfers, of course, will have a dedicated post. Top rumours below:

FELLAINI: Long-awaited chase from Chelsea. The Times report that Chelsea are ready to invoke his £22m release clause. Way too expensive when you see that you can get better alternatives from La Liga for half the price. But hey, he’s proven premier league player.

BENAT: Superb midfielder from Betis. Just the kind of player we need in the middle of the park. Rumours say that a £10m bid has already been rejected by Betis. Would be delighted if we sign Benat.

ISCO: Many think this was just a media mix-up of Benat. While he is a super hot prospect, the type of player he is, we may not need Isco. We probably have a set of attacking midfielders that’s everyone’s envy already.

TAISON: Rumours say that a Chelsea deal for Taison was almost done and at the last step there was a collapse. Taison is back in Brazil now and a Chelsea deal now looks a bit unlikely. Taison could very well be the striker option behind Torres and Ba, and can also play as the winger or wide forward.

WALCOTT: It appears that Theo is signing a new Arsenal contract after all. But this is January. He’s got 6 months left in his contract. His agent can call all the shots. Will need to watch out how this one develops.

LEGENDS: There are strong rumours that not just Lampard, but also Terry and Cole will leave Chelsea in the summer. The media coverage about this story is so strong that you need to pay attention to it. Clearing out all these players at once could be dangerous.

This post will be a ‘sticky’ and will stay on the homepage until the first week of February. So request you to keep all the transfer related news and rumours and discussions under this post.

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