Hello folks! Two important blog announcements to make. Both are meant to improve the overall blog experience. First one is the upgrade with the web host and the second is the introduction of captcha.

Web host upgrade: You might have noticed that the blog has become too slow – the homepage, the article page – everything. This was supposed to happen. The blog was on a £70 a year standard we hosting plan. And this plan is unable to maintain the performance with the current design and traffic (about 5,000 page views per article excluding the RSS feed reads is big traffic by blog standards).

So I chose to upgrade the web hosting plan from standard to pro, from £70 to £225. The blog has been moved to a different server and has been provided a dedicated IP. This means this blog will be on a server that has far fewer websites. Bottom line: more bandwidth and faster performance.

If these don’t make any sense to you, I’ll summarise by saying that the blog will be faster going forward. The pages should load faster. And you should already see the improvement. I’m very pleased with this change. I hope you’re too.

Captcha: Spam is one of the massive challenges that are faced by websites. Spam comments are auto-generated and posted in large numbers by programmes or bots. They normally contain a bunch of links (penis enlargement, anyone?) in a hope that you’d click one of them and effect a sale. You may not see them because as soon as a comment is identified as spam, they are stored in the back end of the blog. There are numerous ways to identify and quarantine the spams and this blog is right up there with those sophisticated methods.

At times, this blog had had upto 20,000 comments which impacted the performance of the blog. So we needed a way to prevent these spams even entering the blog database. That’s where captcha comes in. As you might be aware, captcha is just a simple question for you answer to make sure that the comment is indeed made by a human and not be a program or a bot. Going forward, make sure you take a second to respond to the captcha question before you submit the comment. A spam-free blog will mean a high performance blog.

That’s it! Now the blog will get to back what it does best – blogging on Chelsea FC! KTBFFH!

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