You don’t want to be Fernando Torres. No one wants to be him now. How would it feel to be him now? At the end of this month, he would complete 2 years at Chelsea. Almost everything around him has changed – managers, playing system, formations, players, competition – everything has changed, except him and his form.

We’ve had numerous false dawns since then and Chelsea fans stood by him. Ever since Drogba left, Torres’ form or the lack of it has really hurt us. Only 100 minutes of Demba Ba showed us what we were missing all along and ‘what could have been’ if Torres was on half-decent form or if we had another striker.

And every time we don’t win, it’s Fernando Torres. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s easy. Yesterday, it was true and easy. On a night when a central defender has practically gifted away two goals, the blame was still on Torres.

The problem was not that he missed chances. The problem was that he didn’t create situations where chances could be created for him. His movement was not confident. There was no hunger in his movement. A confident striker hungry for goals wouldn’t move like he does. He simply going through the motions hoping for something to happen in his favour.

Demba Ba comes in for the last 10 minutes and manages two good headers, came close to a penalty shout and scored a perfectly legal goal but had it disallowed. As everyone noted, he had done more in 10 mins than what Torres did in 80 mins. That summed up yet another sad night for the Spaniard.

If we are done with Torres we should move on to the rest. At Stamford Bridge, against QPR, after we lost 1-0, there was a massive tirade from Chelsea fans against Rafa’s team selection and particularly his decision to rest Mata, Hazard and Ramires. Yesterday, he started them all. Still got slated because he picked Torres. No matter what happens, I think Benitez will lose.

It’s not like he’s a nobody. If anything, he’s far more qualified than Roberto di Matteo to manage this Chelsea team. But he’s still a non-starter for many. The bitter Chelsea fans are in a win-win situation. If the team wins they’re happy – praise Mata, Hazard, Luiz and Azpilicueta. If the team loses, they’re not happy but at least helps them to pile the pressure on Rafa Benitez. That’s why it’s a win-win for that lot.

Any Chelsea manager who doesn’t have the privilege of having Petr Cech on goal is going to have problems. In fact, we’ve playing in a well organised and seamless way that Turnbull hasn’t been that poor as we all expect him to be. Rafa has done a decent job of managing Cech’s absence.

Ivanovic, under no pressure whatsoever, chooses to gift away two, not one, goals in a semi final home game against Swansea, it’s not your night. When Mata, Oscar, Ramires & Luiz all have a poor game, it’s not your night.

Yes, things got better in the last 10 minutes. Any top team, trailing at home, would pull up their socks in the last 10 minutes. Ba helped us nicely. But still doesn’t take away the fact that Mata, Oscar, Ramires & Luiz all had a poor game until then and for some even after.

Typically, Rafa waited too long to make the changes. Reminded me of the Carlo days. Waiting for the 75th min mark to even think about making changes. But this was a game where I’d have loved to makes six changes, not just three. That’s how we collectively played.

There it is. A 0-2 defeat in the home leg of the Capital One Cup semi final. As horrible as it may sound, the final is still within our reach. We need a monstrous performance in the away leg from everyone concerned – players to manager. And it’s by no means an impossible result to win by a two goal difference at Swansea.

This season, amidst all the drama, at least two trophies were within our reach, of which capital one cup is one. It’s a shame that we’ve made it hard for ourselves. For the return leg, John Terry will be back. And Demba Ba would have become more permanent. So it’s all there to play for. If we can’t beat Swansea in a two-legged semi final, we surely don’t deserve to win the cup. I’m confident that we can turn this around. Lets hope for the best. KTBFFH!

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