If anyone should be wearing that iconic ‘why always me’ jersey, it should be Luis Suarez. He has a knack of getting into controversies. But I don’t quite understand the rage around Luis Suarez hand balling a goal. First up, it was not deliberate handball and it was purely accidental. The referee did not disallow the goal, so it stood. What do we expect Suarez to do? To admit to the referee that it was handball and it shouldn’t have stood? That’s madness!

Why do we have such lofty standards for just the goalscorers and the goals? Do we expect defenders to go up to the referee and say ‘Hey, I made a malicious tackle but you didn’t notice it. Send me off’? For all the other outfield players, we expect the referee to do his job and when it comes to the goalscorers, we expect them to be brutally against themselves and their teams. Just doesn’t sound like proper logic to me.

If the whole issue is about integrity, let all players including goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders also be expected to play with this spirit. Luis Suarez is simply being victimised because it is easy to victimise him, thanks to his reputation.

Thankfully, I have Robbie Fowler who have similar views as myself on this topic. Here’s what he said:

If he has to tell the referee he handled, do the defenders have to go and tell the ref every time they foul a striker? It’s laughable, it really is. Seriously, Suarez did nothing wrong, and I’m amazed at the reaction. I honestly don’t even believe he handled deliberately. The ball is smashed right at his hand from very close range, and he’d have needed some reactions to have calculated that one.

You can see by the way his arm bounces above his shoulder after the ball hits him that he isn’t braced for it. That tells you something. I think the way he then knocked the ball into the net, he assumed it would be ruled out, but if there’s any criticism, it should be at the referee, not the player.

He’s the one now, isn’t he? Everything he does, he’ll get criticised for it when, with somebody else, it wouldn’t even raise a murmur. I think the Mansfield manager and his players summed it up when they said Suarez was just doing his job, and they’d have done exactly the same thing. So would I. It was handball, but instinctive and not deliberate cheating, and you can’t criticise him for that.

Bravo! Kudos for Robbie to come out and say that and to say that is such fashion. He pretty much killed any kind of argument that was there. Couldn’t agree more. Four times in a row Balon D’Or winner and best player to grace the sport had scored with his hand and that was such an important goal in the penultimate game in the liga and could have been decisive as Real Madrid won by head to head as both Madrid and Barca finished on level points. Messi was not crucified. In fact, it’s conveniently forgotten. The whole issue around integrity in football wasn’t raised then. And it was a deliberate handball!

Just let the referee do his job. And if the referee doesn’t, video replays and post-match charges are always there. To expect players to come out and confess to the referee is practically impossible and I wouldn’t hold it. In any sport, if you perform an illegal move – intentionally or otherwise, the referee or his equivalent has the responsibility to spot that. It would be nice of the players to admit those illegal moves but that would not be my expectation on them.

See, if it’s deliberate, the players are not going to admit. If it’s accidental, what’s there to admit? Any different views or supporting views?

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