The raging topic among Chelsea fans now has gotta be this – Frank Lampard’s contract. There is a widespread recognition among Chelsea fans and football fans that he’s a huge club legend and would easily rank among the best Chelsea players ever. That is not under question. That’s not the debate at all. The debate is not about Frank Lampard. The debate is about his contract.

I’d like to provide some pointers upfront:

  • Lampard would be 35 this summer
  • He’s on a £151k per week contract (reportedly)
  • He loves playing for Chelsea and he wants to retire at Chelsea
  • Chelsea’s midfield has Mikel, Ramires, David Luiz, Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Essien (loan), McEachran (loan), Kevin de Bruyne (loan) and Chelsea are being rumoured with the likes of Fellaini, Tiote etc.

The question has always been on the length of contract and the wage rate. Not many 35-year olds will get a 3-year contract (which he is reported to have wanted). Not especially now at Chelsea as this will be counterproductive to the transition and the developing of the new generation at Chelsea. And even if there’s a 2 or 3 year contract, it’s certainly going to be a level much lower than the current wage level. When the squad now has so many young and quality midfielders why would the club pay a 35-year old midfielder £151k per week with FFP is around the corner? Would Lampard be effective when he is 35 or 36 by which time the Oscars and Hazards would also have matured and should be carrying the team by themselves.

Whenever the topic of Frank Lampard’s contract comes up, people bring up the point around Giggs and Scholes still playing for Man Utd. The key point there to be noted is Giggs and Scholes are playing as per Man Utd’s terms. They are not on medium-term contracts. In fact, it is said that they are on ‘pay as you play’ contract. And their salary levels are way too different (less) than that of Lampard. So the fact that Giggs and Scholes are playing for Man Utd is not relevant for this discussion.

On the other side, we all love Lampard, don’t we? He is the most favourite player for many many Chelsea fans of this generation. And he loves Chelsea too. He’s openly stated that he wants to retire at Chelsea. And he’s also the experienced head that the team needs from time to time. With the introduction of 4-2-3-1, his role might have vanished but he’s versatile to put in a decent performance in any of the midfield roles. And the man is a walking goal threat. He was the man of the match last weekend. That’s how relevant his form is.

There are arguments for and against. And this debate is not going to end anytime soon. But meanwhile, let’s make an attempt to settle this with an opinion poll. Why do I get this feeling that it’s going to be resoundingly in favour of Lampard?

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