Just a quick entry today, in wake of what was pretty much the perfect ending to the European Championships, from a Chelsea fan perspective. (Unless you’re an Italian CFC fan, obviously)

First of all though, anybody who wants to point to that incredible first half performance from Spain, and use as it evidence to suggest they haven’t played dull football this tournament, needs to just shut up and go away. Fair enough if you honestly enjoy watching physically tired midfielders just keep possession around the half way line, pushing forward very slowly and waiting for a mistake – but don’t try and call it exiting and exhilarating football, especially after the reminder we were given last night just how direct and cutting Spain can be.

Ultimately, what Spain did last night was not something to be forgotten quickly, it was arguably the greatest performance in a final since Brazil beat Italy 4-1 at the 1970 World Cup. In my opinion, the two greatest teams of all time are the Hungarians of 1954 and the Dutch of 1974 (both of whom interestingly lost major finals to the West Germans) but I think this Spanish side can very justifiably take its place among them. To win three major tournaments in a row is an incredible achievement and one that won’t be repeated for a long time.

Something Chelsea fans can take pride in after last night, in my opinion at least, is that this great Spanish side, maybe the best side of all time, looks significantly stronger when it’s lead by our number nine. Torres has looked so sharp this summer, I honestly think he could’ve torn this competition apart if he’d been started and properly supported through out. I know a depleted and disheartened Italy side didn’t represent the greatest of challenges for a fresh forward coming on, but still, he took his solitary chance expertly and then selflessly set up Juan Mata, who scored the final goal with his first touch of the tournament!

The Cameo made Torres the first man in history to have scored goals in two separate Euro finals; it also ensured him as the tournaments Golden Boot winner, having played fewer minutes than all the other strikers on three goals. The fact Torres chose to square it to his friend Mata rather than go for the award outright, I think tells you everything about what sort of player he is.

The man surely couldn’t be full of more confidence at the minute. He’s a champion of Europe at both club and international level, he’s a Golden Boot winner and now he knows for sure will be the main man at Chelsea given Drogba has left. As BlueChampion says, the Euros are done, bring on August and the “proper football”. With the new signings that have happened and are rumoured to happen, added to all the momentum from major finals won this Summer, this will be the strongest Chelsea have looked in pre-season for a long time.



Bluechampions Euro Team of the Tournament: Iker Cassilas, Joao Pereira, Mats Hummels, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba, Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, Sami Khedira, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres

Player of the Tournament: Andres Iniesta

Goal of the Tournament: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (vs France)



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