Here it is! The BlueChampion’s Flipbook – Day of Destiny! What’s this? Simply put, a collection of pictures with captions on them that tell you a story. What’s the story here? What else it would be people! It’s about the historic night at Munich!

I’ll never get tired of reading stuff about that night at Munich, watching youtube videos, watching highlights and re-telecasts and collecting pictures. I’m sure that’s the case with you too. This flipbook captures all the key moments of the champions league final and takes you through from start to finish.

My idea was to create this for myself so I can preserve this as a souvenir of our champions league win. But then, as I started to develop it, I realised any Chelsea fan would like it. This is purely out of my love for Chelsea. I don’t want to put any price for this. So, here it is – BlueChampions Flipbook – Day of Destiny! Hope you like it!

For the free download of the BlueChampions Flipbook – Day of Destiny, click the below image! Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!

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