Hope the champions league win has sunk in now! It’s for real folks, we are indeed the Champions of Europe! This is a great time for the club and the supporters as we enter into a very crucial period in our club’s history. Having won the champions league, the much-expected squad refresh is happening now. Some of us expected this to happen much earlier but destiny would have it that these warriors do win the champions league trophy before they bid farewell.

Drogba is leaving. Kalou and Bosingwa would be released. The club is still talking to Malouda, Essien and Ferreira to work out possibilities – one of which would be to let them leave.

Lampard might get a contract extension. We have already bought Marko Marin and Kevin de Bruyne. We have Lukaku and Josh McE who are waiting in the wings. We are still rumoured with Hazard and Moura. Ron Gourlay has said that Torres will be our main man and another big-name striker will play alongside him next season.

So, a lot’s been happening! And loads of decisions too! Who should leave, who should stay and who should join. I was thinking of Chelsea fans getting together at the ‘new and improved’ BC Shout at a certain time and discuss in that live-chat facility on the squad/transfer rumours, news and desires.

Here’s the agenda:

1. Say hello!
2. How does it feel to be European champions?
3. Who should leave Chelsea FC? And why?
4. Who should stay at Chelsea FC? And why?
5. What kind of players should join Chelsea FC?
6. The rumoured players – Falcao, Hulk, Hazard, Moura, Doumbia, Modric etc
7. Any other preferred players?
8. Say thank you & goodbye

I will make a separate post out of the summary of the discussions we had. The archive logs of the chat will also be available, if need be. By posting our views on the blog and on twitter, we create a great communication channel with the club and that’s very important.

I’m suggesting 6:00pm UK time on Saturday. At 6:00pm UK time, let’s all get together at BC Shout for an extended discussion on the developments at Chelsea. All are welcome! Looking forward to talk to you all! Be there at BC Shout! KTBFFH!


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