Chelsea fans! Unite for a good cause! Two Chelsea fans – Amanda and Ossie – would be climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro in July to raise money for four charities – Help a Capital Child, Right to Play International, Association for Suicide prevention and Save the Children. I can’t stress enough on how relevant and important the work carried out by these charities are. And these charities need money. They are happy to put in all the efforts to make a better society but they would need money.

And that’s where these two lovely Chelsea fans – Amanda and Ossie – have volunteered to mobilise funds for these charities. They are gonna do it by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. And you know what, they are gonna plant the Chelsea flag right on top of the mountain.

And they need our help – the help of Chelsea fans. And they need the help and support of the BlueChampions community here. I know this blog is being visited and read by thousands everyday – through the website and through the feed readers. This blog goes out to all those in the BlueChampions community – including the 1300 people that follow me on Twitter. First, let’s see who Amanda and Ossie are and why they’re doing it.

Amanda sits in the editorial of the superb – probably the only Chelsea website run by women. This charity effort matters a lot to Amanda as she has gone through a personal tragedy which she wants to prevent for others as much as she can.

My inspiration to climb came on 8 July 2011 when I found out that my brother had passed away. It was hard enough to deal with losing such a close family member but knowing it was because he took his own life made it even harder for my family and myself.

Soon after finding out I left for London where I met up with Ossie and he told me of his aspirations to climb Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2012. I immediately thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to climb for a cause, my brother and the memory of his life.

I decided that the climb would be for him and my family so I decided that the funds I raised for the climb would be put toward the International Association for Suicide Prevention. This climb combined quite a few loves of mine so it was a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about such a difficult subject like suicide. I want to raise awareness for the signs of suicide as well as remember, not only my brother, but also all of the people that have been affected by suicide.

The climb also allowed me the opportunity to mark Kilimanjaro as Chelsea territory. My brother and I went to our local pub here in Southern California to cheer on the Blues a few times and he loved it. This climb is the perfect combination of Chelsea and family inspiration. We will be summiting on the 8th of July 2012, the one-year anniversary of my brother’s death. I want to celebrate his life and how full of life he truly was when he was here with us.

My brother Christopher is my inspiration to climb and as a Chelsea supporter I could see no better way.

Ossie (how could we not help someone by that name!) is the man with the plan. He’s climbed mountains and peaks before for charity. Even in those peaks, Ossie had hoisted the blue flag! In that effort, he had raised £2500 for Save the Children, with a significant amount of money donated by Chelsea supporters around the world. Ossie says:

I have been a Chelsea season ticket holder (Gate 17) for years and I have seen the whole KTBFFH build over the years. As we have become more successful, both the flags and the song have become more prominent around both the Bridge & Wembley, as the trophies have rolled in. I’ve always loved it.

I decided to take my flag on my 3 Peaks challenge and all my sponsorship material had a couple of old “flag” photos in it. I started to get requests from Chelsea fans saying they would sponsor me (extra in some cases) if I had photos at the top of each Peak with the flag.

One night I received support from Miss SW6 not just in terms of a donation, but by posting my challenge onto the their site and their vast network of Chelsea contacts primarily in the USA. Almost overnight this raised several hundred of £s from people whom I had never met but had a common interest – Chelsea – and they all wished me well and included KTBFFH.

So that was it – KTBFFH Kilimanjaro 2012.

So the challenge has the KTBFFH theme and I am now securing help from within the club in many ways, as well as having made a flag 10ft x 5ft that I will proudly fly to claim Chelsea territory at the roof of Africa on July 8th.

I cant wait.

I would request you all to support the KTBFFH 2012 challenge generously or as much as you can. Amanda and Ossie are upto something challenging and amazing that I would anyway be keen to support – whether they support Chelsea or even if they were to plant an Arsenal flag on the mountain peaks. This is a cause that we should all unite for and be supportive – either through donating money or simply through spreading the word.

Ossie and Amanda are a great inspiration for people who want to contribute to the society that they take a lot from. I admire their courage and determination to help improve the society most people would stop at just complaining about. I wish them all the best and I’m sure they would be highly successful with their KTBFFH 2012 challenge.

Please click this link to visit their website and read more on the climbing challenge and to make a donation that you can always be proud of. Click the below image (Ossie with the Captain, Leader, Legend) to make a donation.

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High – We say it. Only Ossie and Amanda will do it. And they will do it on our behalf. Let’s help them!

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