Wow! Football, bloody hell! I still can’t believe it. Against all odds, Chelsea have produce the best performance of this champions league to show that they still have it in them to beat red hot Napoli. Consider this – Chelsea are old, broken, out of form and can’t score goals and can’t keep a cleansheet. Napoli are young and hot, in good form and scoring for fun. Chelsea trail Napoli by 3-1. And still, we’ve come back to beat them 4-1. That’s insane!

Roberto Di Matteo did the right things. Made some fantastic subs at the right time. He also clearly took some risks and they paid off. Every single player today played like a man possessed. I couldn’t fault anyone. Some amazing performances – particularly from the defence. Great shift put in by the ‘old guard’. I’m tempted to go into ‘why didn’t they play like this under AVB’ question but you know what, I’d rather enjoy this moment. That’s very important. Let’s not forget that. We’ve pulled off a great win. We are the only English club left in the champions league. We are not just the pride of London. We are the pride of England.

Let’s enjoy this moment because we deserve it! Keep the blue flag flying high!!!

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