Short post today. Hope you all had a great Saturday. A very good win from a very good performance. Results always have a bigger impact on the team morale than performance. A string of poor results led to several rumours around the coach, the players, the owners and what not. Just one win and a good win such as this seems to make us forget some of the key issues. Senior players were getting a lot of stick. And they were the ones who won us the game. Players were accused of not playing for their manager. This game wouldn’t make you to suspect any of those players not giving their best for the manager. AVB’s selection and subsititutions were dubious. And in this game, everything looked just perfect. Indeed, results have a great impact on morale than performance.

This just doesn’t mean that the problems were overstated or have now been resolved. One win doesn’t make a season. This win might only have papered over the cracks. But this is still positive because I thought we may not have good times even to paper the cracks. None of our well-documented problems have been resolved by this or any further wins we would get this season. Whatever we wanted for the progress of Chelsea FC should still continue. Some senior players need to go. Some other senior players should just be squad players and they should come to terms with that. Some new, young, fast and exciting players need to come in. AVB should stop being naive on and off the pitch. All these should continue despite the win.

Apart from the win, the next pleasing outcome was the clean sheet. We were running on a streak of matches without win and clean sheet. Finally, we got both here. Bolton is no indication of how well we are performing defensively. What has been bothering our defence is pace and Bolton didn’t have it. That allowed us to take attacking positions without worrying too much about the defence. Gary Cahill’s performances have been quite impressive so far. There’s this odd mistake here and there but for someone to come in at central defence replacing John Terry in such crucial circumstances, he has done rather well.

I doubt if we have scored a goal this season that hasn’t had the effort of either Mata or Sturridge or Ramires. They were once again at the centre of everything that we had to offer. If Mata doesn’t win the Chelsea player of the season award, I’m gonna be terribly surprised and disappointed. There’s something about Bolton and Lampard. No matter how poor his form is, he always finds ways to score against them. That was a very well taken goal from the Lamps. Drogba paid off AVB’s faith in starting him by scoring a good goal. I seem to think that his conversion ratio is pretty poor these days by the standards he’s set for himself.

The North London derby would have kicked off by the time this post is published. I’m hoping that Arsenal doesn’t win. Any other result is acceptable for us. Spurs winning it means we stay at 4th and the gap between 4th and 5th goes up. And that would also mean the gap between the 4th and 3rd would go up. If this win over Bolton means a new resurrected, resurgent Chelsea going on a late season surging run, I’d like to keep the gap between us and Spurs to a minimum so an Arsenal win wouldn’t be that bad for us. But if we are going to go back to our inconsistent ways, I’d take the Spurs win to leave Arsenal well behind us.

I’m positive that this game will produce a favourable result for us, whichever way you look at it. We only need to capitalise on the result today. Oh, before I forget, I’m still backing and supporting AVB to lead us this and the next season at least. This is just a weekly reassurance which is what AVB needs given how Chelsea has become a media target once again. Hope what we’ve just seen is the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not that of an oncoming train!). Keep the blue flag flying high!

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