Many supporters have been pointing their finger at Andre Villas-Boas following the recent performances,  Chelsea have only gained 12points in the last 10 games, shocking but true. Is the poor form all down to Andre Villas-Boas? No of course not, it’s down to the players too. When Chelsea played Everton today when they went 2-0 down the players showed no desire whatsoever, some of the players seem to be uninterested and happily take their wages.  Should be ashamed.

Chelsea played poorly today it has to be said, it has been painful watching Chelsea recently and this form has to come to an end sooner rather than later. I have heard some fans saying Andre Villas-Boas ‘hasn’t got a clue’. I will happily say some of his subs have been appalling recently but who is there to choose from? The Chelsea team is becoming ageing and full of average players who have no desire to play for Chelsea. Malouda being one of them players should have gone to PSG in the winter transfer window along with Alex

Chelsea sub bench v Everton:  Turnbull, Ferreira, Bertrand, Cahill, Mikel, Malouda and Lukaku

Ferreira is an example of an useless ageing player who is rarely used. Bertrand still has a lot to learn but is one of the ups on the Chelsea bench and should soon be a first-team player. Cahill looked good against United and I was disappointed to find him on the bench today. Mikel, every time I have watched this player come on as a sub he seems to give possession away far too easily, once pressured on he can cost us the game by a silly pass straight to the opposition.

Malouda is a main example of an player with no desire whatsoever and should have had been sold along with Anelka and Alex in the Winter Transfer Window, should have the same treatment Alex had. Send him to the reserves. Lukaku still has a lot to to learn a lot like Bertand but in the future he can become and world class striker with the correct treatment.

Above I have given a brief description of each player and only an handful of these are a useful sub, so why have his subs been questioned on? Who does he have to choose from?! Come on fans think before you speak.

One of the main things that have led to Chelsea’s main problems is the lack of creativity. Mata seems to be Chelsea’s most creative player or maybe even our only creative player, but we need more than Mata, no matter how good he is he can’t do it on his own. When Mata played today against Everton he seemed to find the space in the Everton defence, several times in fact. But who was there to finish the chances created by him, no-one!

If Chelsea wish to win cups in the upcoming seasons we need a Centre Forward who can find the net something Torres has been failing to do. I will always support him through such a bad moment but we can’t keep relying on him to finish, Chelsea acquire a player who can find the net regularly. Torres is failing to do so and soon he will be finding himself back on the bench, that’s a when Drogba returns.


The recent form is all not down to Andre Villas-Boas some of it maybe yes. But the players are too blame too, so if you’re going to dish out a negative comment regarding Chelsea just don’t put the blame on Andre Villas-Boas, blame the players too. Andre doesn’t have the best squad to work with. This is why an summer overhaul is needed, players coming in and out.  Remember it all isn’t Andre’s fault. I have faith in Andre Villas-Boas to succeed at Chelsea and I sure hope all you fans do!