Why always Chelsea? Some of us Chelsea supporters ask, for the past few days every time I look at a newspaper or  Sky Sports News, there is always a “false” Chelsea story.

Yesterday it was Fernando Torres the 50 million man is going to be up for sale in either the January transfer window or the Summer transfer window, it was reported that Chelsea would listen to offers around the region of 20 million of course this was false and later that day Andre Villas-Boas denied this and the press moved onto another “false” story, why always Chelsea?

When I picked up the newspaper today, guess what? The headline read “Furious” Drogba to leave Chelsea next month and Lampard is set to follow him, funny eh? Drogba stated a few weeks ago that he will be loyal to his contract and not leave in January. This is a quote from The Sun newspaper: “The Ivory Coast international has been offered a two-year deal by Chinese club Dalian Aerbin worth £200,000 per week while Chelsea are only prepared to give him 12 months at £125,000 a week” Really? The press is once again attacking Chelsea, why always Chelsea? I very doubt this story is true and it is just the press making another “false” story, Andre Villas-Boas will deny that Drogba is “Furious” and the press will just make another “false” story, am I right? It is now just becoming predictable this has been going on for a few weeks now…

Last week once again I picked up The Sun newspaper and the headline read “Chelsea training bust-up” well something across them lines, immidately I knew it would be The Sun writing another false story, it was reported that an insider said  “It was unbelievable. The manager would look at a player, tear him to shreds, then move on to the next one. “For example, he turned to Didier Drogba and told him, ‘You’re a fraction of the player you were last season’. “Then he turned to the next player and laid into him.”Everyone was stunned, they’d never seen him like this and had never been treated like this before.”But AVB saved his bombshell moment for 32-year-old striker Anelka, and 29-year-old central defender .  Our insider continued: “The manager told Anelka he wasn’t welcome anywhere. “He was banned from training with the first team, banned from using the training facilities if the first-team squad were using them — and told he would be training with the reserves from now on. “Then AVB turned to Alex and said ‘And the same applies to you’, and of course Andre Villas-Boas denied this a few days later, another false story, why always Chelsea?

I could go on forever and forever about false story’s regarding Chelsea, rarely I pick up The Sun newspaper and see that they have complimented Chelsea, well I should say hardly never even after the win against Manchester City they claimed that Ashley Cole “taunted” Manchester City and of course it was denied later that day, I now find it hard to believe that the press report an actual true story about Chelsea or even see The Sun compliment Chelsea, I very doubt this will happen and I will be totally shocked if any two of these happen. Andre Villas-Boas has now began having a go at  the press, I guess this makes them want to write more “false” story’s and wind up Andre Villas-Boas even more, I will say this one more time. Why always Chelsea?

The press can continue to write false story’s about Chelsea they’re just making idiots out of themselves when Andre Villas-Boas deny’s these story’s over and over again.

I hope you all enjoyed this more than any other of my posts and if you did or didn’t please drop a comment below, be honest and tell me what you thought of this, is it better or worse than previous posts?

Please feel free to debate about this topic and write your thoughts of “The Press and Chelsea”, is it always Chelsea?