Hello all my name is Callum. I’ve been a Chelsea supporter for a good few years now and have never looked back. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and I doubt none of you know who I am as I’m new writing for this blog, I’m going to be helping out here on this blog, daily articles unless I’m busy myself and I hope you all enjoy what I write and I hope you appreciate it, feel free to follow and chat to me on twitter @Chelsea_Callum and enjoy my first article for this blog.

Chelsea are looking to advance with their good form against Manchester City who are currently unbeaten in the Premier League, will be a tough game for both teams, a game which is defiantly highly anticipated from both supporters.

When Chelsea played against Valencia some of us described it including myself to the “Old Chelsea” the defending was superb despite Valencia having most of the ball, Chelsea counter attacked them and Valencia simply couldn’t stop us, lets hope we can carry this on to the big game on Monday night against Manchester City

Predicted Chelsea Line-up: (433) Cech, Cole, Terry, Ivanovic, Boswinga, Romeu, Ramires, Meireles, Mata, Drogba, Sturridge.

David Luiz unfortunately has to sit out this game after reaching five yellow cards(1 match ban), Boswinga is looking to take his place and Ivanovic will be moving along to CB and Boswinga will likely play RB but Alex would be a better option then Ivanovic can stay at RB a postion he is more comfortable at. Other than that no changes are really needed and Lampard looks set to be benched again he will soon be familiar with not playing week after week.

A win or draw is what Chelsea need to look at, a loss isn’t a option otherwise Chelsea will no longer really be regarded as title contenders,  Manchester City are 10 points above Chelsea, a win would put them 13 points ahead and that would be really tough for Chelsea to catch them. If Chelsea win they will be 7 points behind them – looking to close the gap.

Above is an image of match facts, predictions and probablity of the full-time score regarding the Chelsea v Manchester City game, all credit to kickoff for this image.
Last time Chelsea played Manchester City, they won 2-0 Ramires and David Luiz being the scorers, Manchester City have not impressed at the Stamford Bridge, with only two wins in 14 Premier League visits.
Players to watch: Mata, Ramires, Sturridge and Drogba are the players to watch for Chelsea meanwhile Silva and Aguero are the players
to watch for Manchester City. Ramires has been in superb form for Chelsea recently, Ramires is highly underated by some people but really he is a superb player with many bright years ahead of him, the same with Mata and Sturridge but these aren’t exactly underrated. Drogba will last another 2 years at Chelsea if he reconsiders the contract offer. Aguero is a great player the same with Silva, Aguero could have came to Chelsea but Manchester City lured him with money I really hope Chelsea show him why he should have not followed the money and come to the better club – Champions League football. Silva has the most assists in the Premier League Mata respectively behind him.
Prediction: I am going for a 1-1 draw, this will be a extremly close match and it is hard to seperate the two teams, if Chelsea manage to play like they did against Valencia I’m sure they could pull off a win and finally stop Manchester City’s unbeaten run in the Premier League this season. There may still be a upset in the changing room of Manchester City after failing to qualify to the final 16 of the Champions League even though they beat Bayern Munich 2-0, it was too late.