I’m back on the blog! Couldn’t blog on the excellent mid-week win over Genk at Stamford Bridge. Blame on being busy, tired, fatigued and what not. The game not being live on the telly didn’t help. Don’t know how much we can read into the Genk game. Yes we were brilliant but Genk didn’t offer any resistance. But, something wonderful happened – cleansheet!

It’s my guess that just promoted QPR could prove to be a tougher opponent than champions league Genk. I know we played Genk at home and would be walking across the road for the QPR game but you get the point. I really thought that QPR would be the Man City before Man City became so. There are some billionaire owners that are less ambitious about their clubs.

QPR is not on a good run. Weren’t they beaten by Fulham 6-0 at Craven Cottage? They’re yet to win a home game this season. If football is predictable, Chelsea should beat QPR comfortably. But this is a derby, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t expect anything less than a 2-0 win.

This is my first choice playing eleven tomorrow: Cech, Terry, Alex, Ivanovic, Cole, Meireles, Romeu, Lampard, Mata, Anelka and Sturridge. I should say that I’m loving the options available. I see AVB has been very clever in using his squad. One is how he rotates his players and another is how he uses them. They seem to play with a clear understanding of what’s expected of them. And it’s hard to substantiate but when it’s there, it shows.

There’s some rumour that Josh McE could be out on loan. You know that I’m a big fan of the boy (makes me fanboy then?). I’ve been a strong advocate of using McE in the first team. So you might put everything together and say that I won’t be happy with his probable loan move. Honestly, I’m okay with a half season loan for him. Important reason behind this compromise is, we seem to have a better squad. We don’t have underperforming midfielders who get to play no matter what their form is. If it’s my way, I’d still keep Josh McE and rotate him and Romeu, and pick between Mikel and Meireles based on the match and play the in-form Lampard. But if AVB thinks it’s better for Josh to go on a half-season loan, fine then. I’m totally behind AVB – because of what and how he is doing, irrespective where he might take us.

Let’s spare some time to appreciate the boy from la masia. Oriol Romeu is the real deal. Whoever got the idea to get him from Barca deserves praise. Before we bought him, I hadn’t known about him and I’m sure he wasn’t known in the football circles outside of Spain (or even inside Spain). Oriol Romeu is Mikel’s nightmare. Romeu is what Mikel might aspire to be. Technically sound foul-free ball winner who can spray passes to turn defence into attack. Mikel has his strengths, particularly with the way he uses his body. He’s a master free kick winner who knows the premier league all too well. The difference with Romeu is that he adds that extra dimension with smoother ball control, first touch and passing accuracy. It’s a pity that he’s probably got clawbacks in his contract but let’s have him as long as we can. But remember, the clawback is triggered only when Romeu wants to go back. If he wants to stay with Chelsea, he stays.

People! Frank Lampard has found his form. Ever since the period in which he was dropped, subbed and not btought on, he’s truly turned a corner. Of course, he needed a few goals to get back the belief and confidence but after a long time his midfield play is a joy to watch.

Just one more match. Yes, just one match this weekend and Fernando Torres will be back in the premier league. You don’t know how much I miss him in the premier league and how badly I want to see him again. A well rested, in-form and hungry-to-prove Fernando Torres will be unleashed against Arsenal next weekend. Not bad, actually. I’d rest the whole squad if it helps humiliating the goners.

I’m all too excited about the big Manchester derby this Sunday. Actually, I’m loving this renewed top of the league rivalry between the manchester teams. I’m loving the drama around the mind games, build-up and in particular the riling up of each other. Naturally, my expectation for this match is (a) draw (b) Man Utd win (c) Man City win – in that order. I do hope this turns out to be a high-scoring, drama-filled, brawl-disrupted, card-floating match with terrible refereeing that end with 8 players on each team.

And, Chelsea to win 2-0 or something.

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