Great end to the pre-season. This is how it reads – WWWWWW – you like it, don’t you? For me, Andre’s been right on the money so far. Won his games, we’ve started playing well as a unit, he’s given opportunities to youngsters, he’s getting Torres to blossom, he’s signed a couple of players, and he’s still in the market for probably one biggie. He’s ticking all the boxes, as it stands now.

Good game today. Yeah we conceded a goal but that’s okay. It was a very good win in the end. Rangers are already a few weeks into their league season and ours is yet to begin but we dominated them throughout the match. Sturridge once again showed why he could have helped us last season. He was sharp as ever as he scored two very well taken goals.

Love him or hate him, you just have to admire Malouda’s involvement in our goal scoring opportunities. He’s been selfish at times and he’s been attrocious too. Sometimes you wonder if he knows that Torres plays for Chelsea and he’s on the pitch. But . . you have admit that his involvement in our goal scoring opportunities is tremendous – he creates goals, he assists and he scores them too.

Andre Villas Boas has done a number of good things in the last few weeks as Chelsea manager. The one thing I’d be very grateful to him is how he’s brought Josh McE to prominence. Firstly, he got Josh sign a 5-year contract with him and At this stage of his career, Josh needed three things (a) manager’s trust and faith (b) playing time (c) luxury of playing in his preferred position (d) training and preparation. In this pre-season, he’s got all this from Boas.

Thankfully, Josh has repaid Boas’ confidence. He’s impressed with every opportunity provided to him. While he’s not an alternative to £30m+ Modric, he’s definitely given an impression to the fans that he can be a decent compromise for this season who is absolutely worth the time and money we’re spending on him.

Yuri Zhirkov has left Chelsea. He’s gone back to Russian premier league. I always liked Yuri as a player. I had a lot of expectations for Yuri. He was supposed to be the versatile left sided player who could play as a left back, left midfielder or a left winger. I think, for a player with so much talent and potential, we didn’t really use him very well. Plus, he was also impacted by injuries. Good luck to him.

Oriol Romeu has finally signed for us. The 19-year midfielder started off with exactly the words I didn’t want to hear from him – “hopefully someday I can return to Barca”. Goddammit. Did you really have to say that, boy? It was kind of inevitable, I know. He would go back. He’s signed a 4 year contract though. Reportedly, the contract has a buy-back clause (no official confirmation of this) where Barca can buy him back after year two or three. Overall it’s good business to buy this kid at about £5m and get the best from him for the next few years. The downside though is that he could hinder the development or occupy the place of a player who is more permanent, if you know what I mean. But then, in football, there is no such thing, is there?

The important thing is, Oriol is a Chelsea player. This is a transfer and not a loan. Technically, even if Barca wants to buy him back after two or three years, Oriol could still say that he doesn’t want to go to Barca and that he would like to stay with the BlueChampions! The probability of this may not be very high, but technically this is possible.

What does Oriol’s arrival mean for Mikel, Josh & Ramires? Or what does it mean to Oriol to join a team that already has Mikel, Josh & Ramires? With Zhirkov going out, space has been created. With Yossi back in the mix, Oriol’s chances could be fairly limited. Oh, I almost forgot Lampard. The good news for Oriol is that Boas seems to be a manager who wants to use all his resources. Rotating players in the pre-season may not mean much but I do think Boas would rotate his players a lot and give opportunities to all players. Boas looks to me like a man who’s good at resource utilisation.

The Lukaku deal is still in the pipeline. The negotiations are on. Boas even talked about bringing in Lukaku. When he talks about his interest in a player, I’d say we should be fairly close to signing him. If Lukaku comes in, surely Anelka and/or Kalou should be on their way out. Mostly, I see Anelka making the way for Lukaku.

Our premier league season starts next Sunday. As Boas admits, he has some important decisions to make, especially with the forwards. I can’t still predict Boas’ first choice playing eleven or in particular the players he would start against Stoke next weekend. I’ll blog again in the mid-week with my impressions of who should start and my guesses of who Boas would start for the first match of our premier league season.

The football season has started. I watched some bundesliga, serie a and championship football today. Felt great to be among live football again. We’ve got the community shield match tomorrow as the Manchester teams kick off the season. Should be a good match. Will give us a hint of how strong our competition this season could be. I want Man City to win it. I want them to rub it in.

See ya later!

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