I’m super-excited. We’ve gone and signed the best young manager in Europe. He was the best out there in his class and we’ve just landed him here in style. I could feel the air of belief and confidence among the Chelsea fans. Everyone seems to be happy and rejoicing. There are some who think this is a risk but the feeling that overwhelms this is that of excitement. If you’re a Chelsea fan, you have to be very excited. We’ve got a bloke who has the potential to be a great manager. He’s young, he’s hungry and he’s a winner.

Andre’s achievements are well documented and much discussed. I don’t want to go into them too much. It’s enough to say that his records last season were no mean feat. It’s no one season wonder or a fluke. You can’t get those kind of results in one season by chance. One thing’s for sure. He’s a winner. He puts success right on top of his agenda. We need that kind of characters and in fact, only those kind of characters.

By hiring such a manager, Roman now also gets a second chance to deal with things better. Now we have another young, successful and ambitious manager. He can build his squad, tweak this squad, get his philosophy embedded, drive home his style and approach and slowly develop the team organically. Bo may or may not be successful early on but here is a man with whom we can build the club.

Much has been said about Andre being too young to manage a club like Chelsea. That’s utter nonsense, in my humble opinion. Either you’re capable or incapable. You can 100 years old and still fail miserably. Just because someone’s young doesn’t mean they won’t get respect. This guy is a European champion. None of the Chelsea players is. Boas has got one of the top job in football purely through merit. The fact that he’s got this job is enough reason to command respect.

Also, Boas knows the premier league inside out. During his stint at Porto, Chelsea and Inter under Jose Mourinho, Boas was reportedly the opposition scout. He used to prepare detailed dossiers on oppositions, their players, their strengths and weaknesses, their game plans etc. So, he knows all too well about the teams in the premier league and their players. Plus, he also knows our players and hence he’s quite a familiar face in the dressing room.

By all means, this looks like a brilliant appointment. If ever Roman wanted to settle down with a manager and bring some stability to the team management, here is the man. Boas has already mentioned about the tolerance level won’t change for him and what does he need to do to stay at Chelsea. Basically, he knows how things operate at Chelsea. He knows about the high standards and benchmarks here. He knows he needs to keep winning.

As I’ve always stated, I don’t mind a trophyless season provided there’s progress and promise. I hope and expect that Boas will bring in the progress and promise that we’ve been waiting for. And in this process, if we need to go through some tough phases, I hope Roman values the progress of the long term over the results in the short term.

I’m a bit surprised that his contract is only a 3-year contract. For a man of his age, he could have a got a longer contract but then the club might want to see how copes with the new challenge. If he does well in his first or second season, I can his contract being extended by another two or three years.

I’m very curious to see how Boas prepares us for the next season. What kind of players he would buy, who would he dispose off, what changes in roles in the squad he would bring in, what formation he would play and all that. The next couple of weeks could be crucial as being a new manager he might want all his players (incl the new purchases) to join him in the pre-season tour. We will have to wait and watch on this one. And, make no mistake – Boas’ arrival should be a good news for the like of Josh McE!

With this appointment, Chelsea FC has once again announced to the whole world about its aspirations and ambitions. Trust me, the rivals will be slightly worried by this move. Fergie is counting his years. Wenger has overstayed his welcome. Dalglish is hardly the long term manager. The knife is still there for Mancini. In these circumstances, we have hired a 33-year old manager who has very clear philosophy and has a burning desire for success.

I’ll give anything to know the objectives agreed between Boas and the club. What would he have been told? Win a trophy every season? Win the champions league within the next 3 seasons? Win two premier league titles in 3 seasons? Or build the club for a better future so we have a sustainable plan for growth and success. Boas’ first interview confirms that he’s quite clear of the expectations and demands at Chelsea. Also shows that he’s up for the challenge. By the way, his interview was good. He sounds a bit scholarly. Goes in depth with every response. Sometimes even wanders. If anything, he’s not a man of few words. As tweeted yesterday, I particularly liked his response on his football philosophy. I’d look forward to hearing from him more.

Lot more to reflect on Andre Villas-Boas. Too less time. In the next few days/weeks, I’ll try to post my views on Boas from various perspectives. For now though, will make a move. Meanwhile, you stay happy. This is a mighty positive thing for Chelsea. I’d like to pick this post a year later and say ‘Wow! I was right!’.

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