I wrote a massive rant last night. I was so pissed off and I couldn’t stop writing. At the end of it I thought, ‘so what? the season is over, let’s look forward’. Dumped the rant piece and wrote this one. Looking ahead. Moving forward.

All over by mid-April. Hard pill to swallow. While we are not done ranting on our premier league charge, champions league opportunity and also not being in the domestic cups, there are some big questions that cross over all our discussions. In fact, I don’t think we have a Chelsea-related discussion that doesn’t touch any of the below questions. Of course, you have my responses too.

1. Should Carlo stay as the manager of Chelsea FC?

Yes, he should. He should be properly supported with an able assistant manager and the kind of players he wants for ‘his’ system. He should look back at his own performance of 2010-11 and learn from it. As I’ve maintained his performance this season has not been very good. There were things that weren’t in his control. I was more concerned about how he dealt with things that were under his complete control. Top players have had poor seasons. Top managers are no exception.

He’s a top guy and he’s won three league titles and two champions league titles. I’m sure he can win more with us. He wants his teams to play in a certain way. He wants to create an identity for Chelsea, and he has also managed to succeed in this to a great extent. Hope he stays. Guess he will.
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2. Was buying Fernando Torres a mistake? Should we offload him?

Absolutely not. He’s 26-years old. He’s a proven goal scorer. He will surely come good. But the poor guy needs to be supported. He’s not like Didier Drogba. Fernando is a classical striker. You need to do 80% for him and he can do the rest 20% in style and with a great hit rate. Drogba on the other hand, even if you do only 20% for him, he can do the balance 80% all by himself and score those ‘individually crafted goals’.

To be fair to him, we have not started playing in a way in which Torres would thrive and blossom. Leave alone Fernando. Let him settle down. He’s gonna rock next season. My excitement of signing Torres has not subsided one bit. He’s a great striker and we’re gonna go crazy over him.
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3. Do we need a squad overhaul?

There’s fuel left in the tank but we’re on a long journey. For future’s sake, we need to perform the squad overhaul as soon as possible. This summer is the ideal time. We have about 4 months to think, agree and decide on the future of Chelsea. I’m sure there should have been blue prints already on what the next generation of Chelsea should look like.

This could mean some big names leaving. Some legends will finally leave after several seasons of relentless service. Some legends will have to start playing second fiddle. Some cameo appearances. This also means making the right purchases and being smart in the market. Carlo will have a system in mind, which is most probably not 4-3-3. We need to buy players to suit the new system.
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4. Who should leave? Who should we buy?

We have a few months to talk about this. ‘Who should leave’ is a question that we should try to answer later. Now is not the right time. Our season is over by mid-April and only yesterday we have faced a massive disappointment. Not the ideal time to judge who should leave. Let’s do after a while, when things have settled down. In terms of who we need to buy, of course, we’ll spend most of our time in the next few months scouting for Chelsea FC.

I’m sure each of us will have our own wish list of who should join our club but what matters is the system that Carlo wants to play and the roles that are available in that system. If 4-3-3 is not in his plans, we would not go for serious quality winger and also a good quality winger would not want to join us too. We need to wait and see how we want to take things forward.
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5. What are the expectations for the next season?

If the squad overhaul happens this summer, I wouldn’t mind a trophyless season with champions league spot. We will take time to blend a new team and form a new tactics. I’d love to see a new bunch of Chelsea players form a team, create a brand for their football and follow the tradition of proud Blues.

As I’ve always said, win or loss doesn’t matter, we need to give our best. We’ll have our eyes set on 2012-13 and beyond.
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Let’s enjoy the football on show for the next month or so. I certainly would. I’m a football fan who became a Chelsea fan. Even though Chelsea are out of all competitions, I’d still be following the climax of all leagues and competitions. Enjoy your football!

What I am? Uber football addict, optimistic Chelsea fan, casual gamer and long time blogger with views and opinions rather than stats and data. What I'm not? Expert, analyst, pundit or self-proclaimed guru of anything. I choose when to be biased and when not to be. Views and opinions are all mine and not what you always might want to see. Follow me on twitter @bluechampion for the headlines.