What a win! The biggest hurdle of our title run-in has been overcome with ease. I don’t want to think that Liverpool didn’t give their best because they did. They did their best but even their best was not good enough to stop a confident and determined Chelsea from beating them at Anfield.

There is an air of suspicion around Gerrard’s back pass. If you know Gerrard’s track record to making such suicidal back passes, you wouldn’t doubt him. That was just a blunder but give some credit for Drogba for anticipating that and pouncing on it like he’s never scored a goal in a decade. And then there was this sweet move that ended with a Frank Lampard’s customary ‘being at the right place at the right time’ finish.

I know a lot of Chelsea fans and supporters celebrated like we have won the league already. I don’t for a moment think that the title race is over. Particularly in this season, I’m going to wait until the final whistle at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. It is plain naivety to think we have won the league by beating Liverpool at Anfield. Wigan are no pushovers and for the record, they have never been an easy opponent for us. The reason why we celebrated so much after the Anfield win is that – it was supposed to be our waterloo, Fergie and Man Utd were absolutely banking on this match, Liverpool were an wounded animal and we were playing at their home, and we bloody completed the double over Liverpool after doing this to Man Utd and Arsenal. Good enough reasons to celebrate like mad men, if you ask me.

Irrespective of what happens next Sunday, Ancelotti deserves loads of praise and appreciation. He’s done a fantastic job over the last couple of months in ensuring that our season does not fall apart despite the intermittent upsets. He’s gone through the intervention of African Nations Cup and he’s done that without any additional investment in players. Respect to Carlo.

Having said that, this is a title that we must won in the month of April. For what should have been an easy ride to the title, we have truly made heavy weather of it because of our inconsistency. It is for this reason, Carlo must win the title. That’s his redemption. This is a season where Man Utd have lost Ronaldo and Tevez, Liverpool are in complete shambles, Arsenal as clueless as ever and Chelsea was all of experience and stability. Given these circumstances, we should have wrapped up the title long back. Irrespective of what happens next week, I want Carlo Ancelotti to continue as the manager of Chelsea, and continue his good work with the Blues.

For all my venom towards Steve Bruce, Sunderland tried their best against Man Utd last week, but just didn’t have the players to make a difference. And now, we have Dave Whelan, owner of Wigan Athletic and one of the million ‘friends’ of Sir Alex, who has said that Chelsea will not stroll past Wigan. That’s good for football. We all want teams to play in such a way that their fans can be proud of. Make no mistake – Chelsea are on a rampage. We have a team that’s high on confidence and morale. We are playing in front of our home fans. Our players and manager are incredibly title-hungry. That’s the only thing on our mind.

The interesting thing is, the Press would have two sets of articles ready –

If Chelsea wins (A)

Hailing Carlo’s debut season in English premier league, explaining how Chelsea’s experience have guided them to the title, the effect of Drogba the hitman, the evergreen Frank Lampard, how Chelsea have exorcised the ghost of Jose Mourinho, how Ronaldo and Tevez were not replaced in Man Utd, why Berbatov was the biggest flop of the season, should Sir Alex retire, who would take up his role next etc etc

If the unthinkable happens (B)

Where did Carlo make a mistake and how he mistook the English league for Italian league, how old Chelsea players are and the toll it has taken on their title charge, how crucial was Drogba’s injury, should Lampard deserve a world cup starting place, why Chelsea have not won major honours since Jose Mourinho left, why Sir Alex is vindicated in selling Ronaldo and Tevez, and how Nani and Valencia have come a long way in filling the gap, should Wayne Rooney win the Ballon ‘d Or, the ageless of wonder of Sir Alex and why he is irreplaceable etc etc.

Whether you would see (A) or (B) depends on what happens this Sunday. What I would like the Press to remember is that both Chelsea and Man Utd have done admirably well and both are fantastic teams deserving to win the title. I think Chelsea does have an edge over Man Utd in terms of who between these two deserves to be champions. Sadly, history doesn’t remember losers because the media is the one that creates history and tells what to read and watch. They don’t have time for losers, unless they see some entertainment in adding insult to injury.

I fully believe that Chelsea will win the title this Sunday at Stamford Bridge. Sorry if I’m arrogant, I think we will win by a 2-0 or 3-0 margin. The one thing I pray for is that, this should not be a close affair. It’s not good for our health. Let’s go and wrap it up by the hour. The moment has arrived. Chelsea for the premier league title!

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