Not bad! I’m now ranked #70 in the list! That’s a jump of about 70 places in one gameweek despite the 16 penalty points that were docked for excess transfers. All this because of a whopping 70 points that I earned in the third gameweek. And I think, slowly I’ve started to understand how to play this game.

My key players are Drogba, Lampard and Rooney. I thought of getting Torres but I didn’t. it turned out to be a good move. Torres looks completely out of sorts on the pitch. If Liverpool continue this trend, I don’t see him to be the star point-grabber in fantasy league. Coming back to my key players, I have Drogba because I believe that he would win the golden boot this season. I have Lampard because he would be top scoring midfielder and also topping the assists charts. Rooney is there because he is now in a better role to score more goals. And this season, we all know that Fergie expects Rooney to score a million times. A good bet, from a fantasy league point of view, given that I don’t think Berbatov would outscore Rooney and there are no other big scorers in Man Utd.

I got no one from Liverpool or Arsenal. I ignored Liverpool because they’re bad. I ignored Arsenal because I hate them. If there is someone I’d pick from Arsenal it would obviously be Arshavin because he is so unlike the Arsenal players. In my 15-member team, I’ve got 2 players each from Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Stoke City and Man Utd, one each from Hull City, Fulham and Bolton.

I’ve made one transfer this weekend. I’ve brought in Assou-Ekotto for Pantsil. One tip is not to have players from teams which play the toughest opposition this weekend. I chose Pantsil from Fulham only for Chelsea to beat them 2-0 and inflict some damage onto my fantasy league team points. So, for this weekend, don’t have anyone from Burnley as Chelsea would maul them!

A word on the league leader. Samuel Seah continues to top the league. He’s got 205 points! Really surprising how he continues to stay on top. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Samuel Seah, come and take your compliments. Cheers!

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