So that’s four in a row! A cleansheet, finally. I’m laughing at all those Kalou-bashers. 8 goals and 7 assists in 16 starts this season. He simply rocks. Too sad that he’ll remain to be an unsung hero among Chelsea fans. Credit to Scolari for playing Kalou ahead of Deco. That’s a very good move. I hope I don’t get to hear that Deco was dropped because he was injured or something. I’d like to think that Scolari dropped Deco for his poor performance and played Kalou because of his form. One thing though. I’m not sure how those 2 mins in the end would help Stoch’s career or Chelsea’s cause.

At half time, Chelsea were reportedly booed off. Which sums up the way we playing in the first half. It’s a shameful thing though, this booing off. There are various other ways to express your feelings. Second half was lot better and things did improve with Drogba coming in. Did anyone else notice that the Boro defending for the second goal was very similar to our defending against that Southend equaliser?

This was still not the most convincing performance against one of the worst teams of this season of the premier league. We had to get a win and we got it. There was nothing too stylish or efficient about the way we achieved it, though we improved after the first goal. I think we should drop this slow build-up style against the lesser teams. When we play high tempo, we can so threatening with the quality we have in the team.

Liverpool and Arsenal drew. I’d be too greedy to ask for more tonight. Goddamn goners nicked one in the last minute for the 100th time this season. Everton deserved a win. Something tells me that Everton will surely overtake Arsenal to leave them fight with Wigan. Nice. Liverpool’s fourth successive draw of the month puts us in the second place in the league table.

It’s a good set of results ahead of the Sunday match. Liverpool getting their fourth consecutive draw and Chelsea getting their fourth consecutive win. No doubts on who the form team is. Also, both Scolari and Benitez cannot afford to play for a draw. If Chelsea and Liverpool split points on Sunday, Man Utd would be flying high. So, to go into such an important match with a morale better than that of the opponent is indeed good.


It’s late already and I’m busy tomorrow morning. So, please help yourself! Cheers!

P.S: Check out Beckham’s freekick for Milan against Genoa. Capello was in the stands then!

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