So it’s Big Phil then. Luiz Felipe Scolari would take charge at Chelsea from 1st July. Allright it’s a great news but was he the best choice available to take Chelsea forward? See I’m absolutely delighted with Scolari’s appointment (after Grant I’d be delighted with anyone’s appointment) but don’t have answers for all my questions!

Scolari comes with a massive reputation. After all, there are not many world cup winning managers in contemporary football. He has managed high profile teams and in some high profile projects. He is 60 but you would not think beyond 50 looking at his energy levels. I’m not blind to Scolari’s minuses but his positives are big enough to outweigh his negatives.

Good things:

1. He is a big man: He has led Brazil to world cup glory. He has managed some of the most illustrious names and world players of the year. Chelsea is his 20th assignment in his managerial career. So now, we have a boss that’s surely bigger than his team. His authority will not be questioned. There’s a reason for the players to believe in his coaching and trust his philosophy. This is Big Phil we are talking about.

2. He can bring some interesting names: The players that otherwise were not keen about Chelsea would get up and take notice. This is a massive advantage. Be it Aguero or van der Vaart or Villa – to be coached by Scolari is a great prospect. Not only can he retain the Portuguese contingent in Chelsea, he can also unearth some raw Portuguese talent. He knows them inside out.

3. The phase of stabilisation starts with him: I’m guessing here. Last thing we want to see is him being sacked because he won the title only 2 points. Roman should allow the manager some time to impress upon the players and slowly make them accustomed to his style. May be it should be made clear that winning of titles in the first season is not really mandatory. He has been given only a three year contract (so the compensation will be lesser?) but he should be allowed to stay for all three years. I think he will.

Not-so-good things:

1. Will it be Roman vs Scolari now: Big Phil is known to be a very independent man. He hates intervention and he demands respect and freedom. Well, that means Roman should spend more time on politics and oil. I hope Scolari stays in the good books of Roman.

2. Where is the club football experience: He has not managed a big club yet. He has managed clubs in south america, some in the gulf and solid international experience. If I’m right he has never taken part in champions league, as a player or as a manager. Being Chelsea manager would be an entirely different experience for Scolari. He’s done great with Rally cars but this one is a crazy F1 machine.

3. What about his ‘ingles’? So what, even Capello does not know, you might say. But you can’t need for Capello’s frequency of communication with that of Scolari’s. In club management, he needs to be communicating every single day. One way of managing it is by bringing in more south european players which won’t be in the agenda considering the 6+5 rule.

On the whole, I’m excited about his appointment. I can’t wait for him to take charge. I can’t wait for the transfers that he’s going to do. But this development does not change who I want to win the Euro. Sorry Phil, Germany for the Euros!


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