Chelsea FC has come up with a new campaign titled ‘It’s in the blood‘ to show the growing passion of its supporters. This phrase will be used more frequently and widely in all things Chelsea. This is something in the mould of ‘KTBFFH’ and ‘YNWA’, so you should start seeing more and more of ‘IITB’.


Official Chelsea Website reports that Chelsea’s head of brand Katrina McCreadie said:

The message is one of true emotion and in a simple strap line and image sums up the dedication and deep commitment that unites our fans and drives our success.

We’ve had a great reaction from supporters and we’re delighted that it has connected with them so well. ‘In the Blood’ encapsulates a passion that runs deep, particularly among the fans, but that hasn’t always been recognised. It says we’re Chelsea Football Club and we’re proud of it!

I too like this catchphrase as it really shows the passion, pride and emotion. It has the ‘showing-the-middle-finger’ effect, which makes it even more attractive.

Onto pre-match news. I’m sorry to say this – Wayne Bridge is out for 3 months from now and Ashley Cole for a ‘few’ weeks. The horrible news of injuries is toned down by a good news – the transfer window is still open. If we are buying back up players for African Cup which is going to last about 4 weeks, we can certainly look for cheaper options for left back if Ashley/Wayne are going to be out for too long. But Jose is confident of the options available:

Without Bridge and Cole for a few more weeks, Tal Ben Haim is my left-back option.

Also he has this kid Jack Cork, who did a decent job against Club America. May be, this situation will put little more pressure on Jose to push for Drenthe’s signature. But he has hinted already that the last pound for transfer in this window, has been spent. Let’s see how this situation influences this stance.

With his open statement that he wants to revert to his 4-3-3 wing attack, Jose has also suggested the names that could get the axe – Shevchenko and Ballack.

On Shevchenko, he said:

If he performs and shows me match after match he deserves to play, I’m very happy. I hope Sheva can do it. If Sheva plays magnificently I have to play him and Didier Drogba together, that is no problem for me.

This very clearly shows that he has made up his mind to have Drogba as the lone striker and if, and only if, Sheva plays ‘magnificently’, he will partner Drogba and not replace him.

On Ballack, he was more direct:

I want to go back to wingers and play attacking football. The objective of having players like Robben, Cole, Malouda and Kalou is because we want to give width to our game, to give speed, to give creativity. I don’t want to play football with a diamond any more. So I don’t think it will be easy for Ballack. But he’s a top player, a top personality and I think he’s the kind of guy ready to fight for a place.

Ballack must be a worried man to read this. If what he is reading is a poor German translation of the remarks in English made by a Portuguese, he could be very worried indeed. It’s very clear that the hyper-expensive Ballack is not first-choice and hence not an ‘untouchable’ anymore.

The midfield could be Lampard, Essien and Joe Cole; the attack could be Malouda, Robben and Drogba. If this is the set up, we can rip the opposition apart with our wing attacks. Pooh! 5th August looks so far away!

I was just wondering if you’ve already noticed the specialty of the trendy sidebars. They can be dragged and moved to whichever order you want. You can also close any of those side bars by clicking the round button on the top right of each of the side bar. Your cookies will ensure that everytime you open, your side bar preferences stay as you left the last time you visited the blog. Thought I should let you know.

Just got my access to ChelseaTV online. Hope to see tomorrow’s match live on the internet or atleast the high-quality highlights later on. I’m also planning to post some interesting videos this week. Go get a broadband, if you don’t have one. Catch you soon. Bye.

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